William Shakespeare was convinced that all the world’s a stage. I cannot agree more with the idea that today’s business is played on the same stage; it is one that is both global and demanding.


After finishing my Master of Business Administration degree at Drury a dozen years ago, I was educated and skilled enough to be part of this stage—which is getting smaller. I figured out quickly that Drury’s Global Perspectives 21 curriculum assured the understanding of global issues both locally and beyond borders, competency in a second language, communication skills, reasoning and problem-solving skills, and a greater awareness of other cultures. Strangely enough, dancing on the Wilhoit Theatre stage in the 2002 “Potpourri of Dance” production made me even more self-confident on the international business floor.

I am from a small country—Slovenia— and I need to speak a few foreign languages to adequately take my place in the business world. I had the opportunity to start my career with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, a prominent company with global presence. Goodyear took over Sava Tires in Slovenia in 1997 and during my career I got a strong message that global business success, especially in exports, depends on world class companies. My MBA degree equipped me with core ideas on innovation, a strong manufacturing base and cost competitiveness as factors for success.


I’m using each and every one of these concepts in my current general management role at Knauf Insulation—another great company that is expanding globally.

The idea of being successful is a pretty straightforward one: striving to be the best in the industry in Europe as well as around the world. Knauf Insulation products are produced in Slovenia and sold globally due to constant team efforts that transform a local winner into a global trendsetter. It is a strong vision, but it is not too strong for a team that wants to be the best on the business stage.

I learned a valuable lesson from my mentor Earl Pool, a renowned businessman who supported me during my Drury studies. He advised me to be ambitious and globally focused in order to successfully accomplish all international assignments ahead of me. He was right; those assignments came quickly. Yes, all the world’s a stage and a strong Drury experience has enabled me to stand on it with confidence.