Free Drury to Drury Business Networking Events

The Drury to Drury business networking events program includes more than 80 alumni members who have shared an estimated $50,000 in business referrals. The program began in Springfield in 2006 and has since grown to Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa and Northwest Arkansas.

In the past, alumni attending the events were required to pay an annual membership fee, but this year Drury to Drury membership in all locations will be free!

Family-Friendly and Young Alumni Events

This year, Drury will host several new and exciting events for young alumni and families of all ages. As part of this initiative, admission for children 12 and under will be free to all Panthers and Lady Panthers home events for the 2014-15 school year.

“With the success of our teams and our affordable ticket prices, Drury has established itself as a great family entertainment value, and we want to take that one notch further by inviting more families to come and check out the high-quality teams and atmospheres we will once again put on the fields and the courts,” said Drury’s interim director of athletics, Scott Puryear.

Drury’s President’s Awards

Each year, Drury students, faculty, staff, groups and alumni exceed expectations and prove to be exemplary. Drury recognizes those outstanding people in multiple ways. One way is through the Drury Awards, which recognize exceptional students, devoted mentors and outstanding groups for their commitment to enhancing the Drury University experience.

Monthly Drury Spotlight Awards are announced on the 15th of each month and the overall Drury President’s Awards will be presented at the end of the spring semester by the University President and the Drury Awards Committee.

To nominate someone for the Drury President’s Awards and for more information, please go to drury.edu/du/student-activities/Drury-Awards.

531 Challenge: Goal Reached

The “531 Challenge” fundraising campaign exceeded its participation goal and raised more than $623,000.

The challenge kicked off on April 15 with the goal of 531 donors giving at any level before the last day of May (5/31) on the calendar. Drury alumnus and longtime supporter Larry O’Reilly committed to a gift of $25,000 if the participation goal was met. Drury exceeded the goal with a total of 546 donors.

The contributions will go to the Drury Fund for general academic needs and scholarships, as well as designated department needs.

Library Staff Retire After a Combined 57 Years

Craig Smith and Victoria Johnson both retired from Drury’s library in April. They both saw the library move from Walker Library in Bay Hall to Olin Library in its current location, which was built in 1992.

Smith, associate librarian, had been on the faculty since 1984 and first joined the Drury library staff in 1980.

Johnson had been with the library since 1991.



12: Drury to Drury Springfield

20: Drury to Drury St. Louis


4: Tulsa holiday party

10: Springfield holiday party

11: Kansas City holiday party

18: St. Louis holiday party


14: Drury to Drury Springfield

15: Drury to Drury Kansas City

29: Drury to Drury NW Arkansas


11: Drury to Drury Springfield

19: Drury to Drury St. Louis


11: Drury to Drury Springfield


8: Drury to Drury Springfield

16: Drury to Drury Kansas City

23: Drury to Drury NW Arkansas


13: Drury to Drury Springfield

21: Drury to Drury St. Louis

Visit alumni.drury.edu for details on these events and more.



Kim Harrison Hamm ’86

Distinguished Alumna – Career Achievement

Celebrated for her long and successful career as a partner at BKD, LLP, and for providing over 25 years of expertise in audit and consulting services for clients in the real estate and not-for-profit and government industries. Kim has also led numerous seminars on a variety of topics, assisted with the implementation of insightful solutions for her clients, and remained active in recruiting college graduates for the firm.


Eunice Schmiechen Wallar ’63

Distinguished Alumna – Community Service

Honored for her passionate pursuit of education, the arts and children’s advocacy in her professional life. Eunice owns and manages Waverly House, the longest continuously operated art gallery in Springfield, and has raised over $60,000 for local children’s charities. She has served on boards including the Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Friends of the Springfield Art Museum and the Drury Panhellenic Alumni Council.


Nathan Pettyjohn ’01

Distinguished Young Alumnus

Recognized for his innovative advancements in the mobile services and advertising industries. Nathan is the founder and CEO of aisle411, the leading mobile commerce and location services platform for retailers. Aisle411 has been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and more. With over 12 years of experience, he has a rich understanding of business, management, technology and marketing.